When we hear the word “cycling”… As a sport, it is normal to think of the fascinating experience the Tour de France offers us or the adrenaline we feel when watching a cyclocross race. As a lifestyle, it tends to be associated with freedom and health due to the several benefits it offers in addition to keeping us in good shape. But could cycling be something more? Something more than points, podiums, and classifications? Could cycling also be a way to achieve social change?

This is the question the Rwanda Beyond team seeks to answer. In fact, the premise or “Dream” as they call it is to enable economic development and achieve social change by providing riders with the necessary opportunities not only in the cycling world but also in other fields that have a greater scope on a societal level, such as education.

Sometimes it's just cycling,
sometimes it's more”

-Rwanda Beyond

For the Rwanda Beyond project, education is one of their pillars, they aim to incentive kids to become cyclists by diminishing at the same time the number of school dropouts. Challenge Tires is glad to be part of this journey and it’s committed to supporting this kind of initiative and to keep developing the cycling culture worldwide.

Enjoy the following shots and don’t forget to #ChallengeYourLimits !