Challenge is renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence in the cycling industry. The Flandrien Cyclocross tire is the latest proof of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of tire technology. By developing and integrating this latest tread design with our advanced materials and proven construction techniques, we have created a tire that meets the rigorous demands of professional cyclocross racers.

Developed to embody the spirit of a traditionally renouned cycling-rich area, mastering deep technical experience from professional teams, this tire is named after the northern, Dutch speaking region of Belgium, well known for its strong Cyclocross heritage, amongst others.

The Flandrien embodies a combination of several specific technical features which together provide a well-rounded, versatile tire, that provides unparalleled performance across a variety of terrains. Challenge focused on developing a tire that excels in both wet/light muddy and dry conditions, as well as ensuring optimal speed and good control regardless of the conditions. The result is a very versatile, high-performance tire that delivers speed, superior traction and efficient mud clearing, all with very precise handling. Whether you're riding through muddy trails or dry, hard-packed terrain, the Flandrien's tread design, SMART Soft compound and 320 TPI Corespun Cotton construction, provide features needed to tackle most of your cyclocross “challenges”.

Our Team Edition tubular, crafted with input from top athletes like Thibau Nys and Tom Pidcock, ensures that the Flandrien meets the highest standards of performance. The handmade tubular construction not only enhances the tire's strength and flexibility but also ensures a smoother, more responsive ride. This tire is a culmination of extensive research, athlete feedback, and cutting-edge technology, making it the go-to choice for serious cyclocross competitors.

“It’s a nice combination of a fast-rolling tire and having enough grip in so many parts of the course. The knobs are placed way wider from each other which doesn’t make the mud stick much to the thread”

- U23 Cyclocross World Champion Thibau Nys on the new FLANDRIEN

The Flandrien represents a significant leap forward in cyclocross tire technology, providing riders with the tools they need to conquer any course with confidence and precision. With its blend of innovative design and professional-grade performance, the Flandrien is set to become one of the main tires of choice for cyclocross driven enthusiasts and pros alike. The TE Tubular construction is available now, a Handmade-TLR Flandrien tire will follow at a later date.