Cyclocross National Championships

Usually, the National Championships weekend is a focal point of many riders season: a busy weekend where emotions run high and the riders can realize their dreams. This year, due to Covid-19, many Nationals have been delayed or cancelled, so the champions of those countries will detain their jerseys from the year before, which gives Champions remaining on Challenge as Tom Pidcock, Clara Hosinger, Magalie Rochette, Christine Majerus etc.

In the few countries where the nationals have been raced, conditions varied from country to country, but mostl of them were on muddy, ideal for Limus and Baby Limus tires. This was the case of Italy and Spain where Lucia Bramati (StarCasino) and Felipe Orts (Teika) got solo victories. Same conditions in Belgium, where Alicia Frank took a solid 3rd place.

One curious exception has been the Swiss National Championships, raced on white and soft snowy terrain. It is always a bet to choose the right tire for this extraordinary occasion. First Challenge option for snowy condition is the Dune tire: speedy on the snow, with less opportunity to make the tread “full” of snow. By the way, Grifo is a valid other option for this condition, as confirmed by Jan Christen, new Junior Swiss Champion.

We won’t list all the other results but would like to pass on our congratulations to all Challenge Tire athletes who competed at the weekend.

Felipe Orts again Spanish Champion! Take a look to his victory in the video below