Challenge tires: the right tire for every occasion

“Every occasion”? What does it mean?

Cycling world is huge and every rider has different tires request. Professional riders, masters or amateurs can’t have and shouldn’t have the same needs. Tire’s life for a pro- rider is not that important.

  • Professional riders are looking for performance, lightness and low rolling resistance.
  • Master riders need similar features to Pros, but tires need to last more km
  • Amateurs are not interested that much in a super high performance, but safety, easy maintenance and tire life are key aspects

CHALLENGE splits its product range in different series to have the right tire for the right rider:

ULTRA (tubular only) (#)

Top level of performance: the finest and lightest silk handmade casing (+1000tpi) in cream colour. Key features are the lowest rolling resistance mixed with the highest comfort. Assembled with latex innertube, riders use it just for 1-2 single event like Worlds/Olympic games.




Performance tire used to race. It keeps similar features to the ULTRA serie, but the handmade Cotton casing (320 tpi) is cheaper. Cotton is the ideal compromised between price and performance; therefore, it is the workhorse casing for professionals, including an exclusive fashion style with its white casing.



PRO (#)

Polyester casing (260-300 tpi) is the entry level handmade casing. It’s a synthetic material, quite robust, more waterproof compare to cotton version, but not as soft and supple as both cotton and silk. Easier maintenance compare to silk and cotton casings. TAN & BLACK colour features the PRO serie. Available in tubular and clincher version, it could be the best option for young riders, master and amateur riders who do not want to lose handmade feelings.

RACE (#)

Challenge entry level products have a nylon casing, like the most of vulcanized tires in the market. Vulcanization is synonymous of more durability and less performance. This series is ideal for training and for cyclo-tourism riders.