By Jamie Williams - (#)

The Challenge Criterium RS TLR is a super-supple, high-tpi, handmade tubeless-ready tyre which offers an abundance of grip, confidence and speed. These open tubulars may cost a pretty penny but if I could give out a money-no-object award at this time of year then I would – and just look at those white walls!

I'm a fussy bugger when it comes to road bike tyres. As the only contact patch between bike and often crappy tarmac, they can make a serious difference in comfort and performance. Personally, I hate the feeling of sluggish and heavy winter rubber, but some tyres (including these!) cost a fortune, which means that using summer race tyres for everyday use is out of the question.

So where does Challenge's offering fit in? Well, the Italian brand, synonymous with handmade tubular cyclocross tyres, says that these enhance the "perfect mix of speed, grip and durability'. Let's find out!

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