The Gravel Grinder (GG) one of the best selling Gravel tread and has always been appreciated for its all around off-pavement use. However, there is always room for improvement so now, after almost a decade of success, GG tread design gets an upgrade.

The center diamond tread is appreciated by those wanting a consistently aggressive while still smooth rolling tire on all surfaces. It is not quite as fast rolling as the Strada Bianca or Getaway but we have not changed this great traction, braking and control feature. Where we have made big improvements is to enlarge and stiffen the outer and transition knobs so they have a bit more bite in corners and off-camber gravel, packed dirt and grass.

The enhancements will be noticed when getting on to sections of asphalt or real hard packed surfaces, again, especially in corners and off-camber. The transition knobs are bigger and stiffer and tapered to flow smoothly from the diamond center tread to the outer knobs. The outer knobs in turn are also tapered, slightly bigger and stiffer and flow smoothly from the transition knobs so you feel consistent, rock solid traction, braking and control in the fastest descents, on any terrain - asphalt, dirt, grass or the most wicked gravel.

The NEW GG is available now in H-TLR, and in the following selection of sizes 700x33 and 40mm (with the popular 40mm being the NEW ENTRY size).

Features: (#)

  • Handmade construction provides the ultimate in traction and ride quality.
    Gravel specific casing utilizing double layer 260TPI SuperPoly for sidewall durability and stability.
    Puncture protection strip utilizing flexible, tight weave, multi-component puncture protection fabric.
  • SMARTPLUS Compound
    Gravel specific tread compounds for traction and durability.
  • Chafer Bead Protection Strip
    Anti-chafing strip along the casing at the bead. Also acts as a beat-seating aid.
  • Bead-to-Bead latex-based coating. Lightweight TLR specific coating for improved puncture protection and better air retention.
  • Aramid bead - Aramid reliable fiber folding beads for precise fit on performance clincher wheels.

Please note:

Handmade TLR are best combined with an appropriately conceived sealant, such as the Challenge’s SMART Tubeless Sealant, which protects the natural properties of its rubber for a longer lasting performing tire, while further enhancing air retention and puncture protection.