Challenge is excited to present a new addition to its gravel line of tires, the GRAVINE, designed for improved performance muddy sections and on more rugged, rocky terrains.

The GRAVINE introduces the more aggressive tread of the Challenge gravel line-up, positioned after the Strada Bianca, Gravel Grinder and Getaway, in order. The GRAVINE is suitable for more severe, rugged terrains than the others. It is designed to push the boundaries of gravel further, allowing for totally new adventures.

Taking inspiration from our knowledge in cyclocross and of the importance in function of each tread design, we increased the height of the lugs in comparison to our other gravel designs, for enhanced grip through muddy sections and over more rocky terrains, with careful detail to the shoulder design for excellent cornering control. An open-tread design also features for improved mud/dirt shedding and self-cleaning of the tire. Combined with the fast-rolling centre-line for speed, these features allow for an overall more aggressive, versatile and dependable ride on multiple rugged terrains, in differing conditions.

The GRAVINE is launched in Challenge’s Handmade Tubeless Ready (H-TLR) construction. This construction has raised the bar of tubeless ready tires, bringing amazing levels of comfort, handling and ride quality. Handmade Technology combined with our innovative rubber compounds also minimizes rolling resistance (Crr) for the best performance and overall experience. Available in two versions, GRAVINE and GRAVINE XP both available in size 40mm. The addition of this new gravel model ensures that performance and dependability are both met, no matter the riding conditions.

Technical Information (#)

SMARTplus COMPOUND: The GRAVINE comes with the gravel-specific tread compound, made of special higher durometer, natural SMARTplus rubber. While providing reduced wear and enhanced durability, the SMARTplus rubber compound still retains its natural properties and offers improved shock-absorption, better grip and control, and reduced rolling resistance.


GANZO PPS - Puncture Protection System: The GRAVINE and GRAVINE XP feature the GANZO PPS puncture protection system. A tight weave, multi-component, puncture protection, narrow, special fabric placed between the rubber tread and the casing.


CORAZZA ARMOR SILVER : The GRAVINE includes a double, comfortably wide 260TPI polyester ply casing wrapped around the bead, that delivers maximum sidewall protection.


CORAZZA ARMOR GOLD: Exclusive feature of the XP tire range is the Corazza Armor Gold, which increases the tire’s puncture protection and robustness further, by including an additional Bead-to-Bead layer of tightly woven material. The additional layer reinforces the entire tire and makes the GRAVINE XP a great tire for more endurance riding or simply a more dependable tire on more rugged terrains, in multiple and adverse conditions.


CHAFER ARAMID BEAD PROTECTION STRIP: The GRAVINE includes a bead protection outer strip that enhances tire longevity against the rim, by reducing the effects of chafing or rubbing against the rim’s bead hooks. Additionally, the contrasting black, precise chafer line that shows around the rim, acts as a visual confirmation, that the tire bead has been properly seated all-around the rim.