The Smart Sealant

It happens that sometimes you have to stop your training or bike ride abruptly due to cuts or punctures on your tire, and let's be honest, this always happens at the least indicated times. Luckily, Challenge provides a solution to keep your rides going. This solution is called Smart Tubeless Sealant, and you are probably wondering… why is it called “SMART” sealant?, well, here you will find out why.

Our Smart Tubeless Sealant was created to work with both vulcanized and handmade TLR and Tubeless tires. It is well known that the main focus of a sealant is to stop air from leaking and to seal punctures, in this case our sealant is capable of sealing cuts up to 6mm, so if your training session gets a little aggressive, we’ve got you covered. Moreover, thanks to the Challenge formula, our sealant remains liquid inside the tires for up to 6 months and it doesn’t coagulate when in contact with Co2. These two last points also mean that the sealant can continue to be added inside the tires even without the need to remove the residues of a previous application.

Being ammonia-free, this sealant does not damage neither rims nor tires with extended use, particularly, it works in perfect harmony with high-end handmade tires by protecting the natural rubber with which they are manufactured. We also know that sealant does not go from the bottle to the tire on its own, so when it comes to protection we also have good news for your skin as our sealant is non-allergenic.

Features: (#)

  • Seals up to 6mm cuts.
  • Thanks to its components, it doesn't damage rims nor tires.
  • Remains liquid in the tire for ~ 6 months.
  • It can be added as needed through the valve.
  • Doesn't coagulate with Co2 use.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to remove and clean.

The Smart Tubeless Sealant Is always ready to be used, which means you do not even have to shake the bottle before the application. If you want to check out the product, click here!