Versatility at its Peak! (#)

Take it on rough terrain, off-camber grass, and muddy slop with renewed fervour!

Avoid pinch flats, swap tires as needed for changes in weather and gain a supple, grippy ride. With Challenge’s new Handmade TLR (H-TLR) clinchers for cyclocross, you get the convenience of a tubeless system with the performance of handmade, supple tires.

Known for making some of the fastest and highest performing tires on the market, Challenge already offers a winning range of cyclocross tires that includes handmade tubulars, handmade clinchers, and vulcanized TLR clinchers. Our 120TPI vulcanized TLR clinchers (V-TLR) allow those who prefer clincher-based systems to run lower pressure tires without the worry of pinch flatting inner tubes. However, vulcanized tires lack the supple feel and the performance of a handmade tire. This is where the new Handmade 300TPI TLR (H-TLR) clinchers jump in!

Challenge’s NEW Handmade TLR (H-TLR) Cyclocross tires offer the same handmade construction and materials as that of our handmade clinchers (H-CL), with the addition of a tubeless-ready bead that meets the new ETRTO and ISO global tubeless standards. These tires then receive a unique bead-to-bead inner coating making it additionally airtight, also providing added puncture protection. These handmade TLR are supple and comfortable and come without the stiffness common with vulcanized tires, mostly due to high temperatures employed to vulcanize (bond) its layers.

And that is not all! Finally, Challenge adds a bead protective chafer strip to reduce rim chafing and potential cutting, thus adding both safety and enhancing the longevity of the tire.

The result of this handmade construction are tubeless-ready cyclocross tires that increase riding comfort and grip and improve overall handling over vulcanized clinchers. They provide performance close to what is only capable with a handmade tubular tire.

Challenge H-TLR tires meet the new ETRTO and ISO standard and are hookless compatible.

Designed to be complaint with UCI rules with most rims having an internal rim width up to 23mm.

The ever-popular, multi-condition Challenge Grifo is currently available in H-TLR construction as is the super-fast, hardpack based Chicane. The Baby Limus and Limus versions will follow over the next couple of weeks.

Construction Features (#)

  • HANDMADE 300 TPI construction provides the ultimate in traction and ride quality.
  • PPS
    Puncture protection system utilizing a flexible puncture protection specific fabric.
  • CHAFER Bead Protection Strip. Anti-chafing strip along the casing at the bead, also acts as a bead-seating aid, enabling to view when TLR and clinchers are properly seated and mounted.
  • Aramid fiber folding beads for precise fit on performance clincher wheels.
  • Bead-to-Bead lightweight coating improving both puncture protection and air retention.
  • Handmade TLR are best combined with an appropriately conceived sealant, such as Challenge’s SMART Tubeless SEALANT, which protects the natural properties of its components for a longer lasting performing tire, while further enhancing puncture protection and air tightness.

Product Details (#)

  • Size 700x33 / 33-622
  • Colour black tread, tan casing
  • Weight ~395 grams
  • Retail Price €74.90 / $84.99
  • Available November 2021