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UCI World Cup: Tabor and Koksijde

A somewhat muddy but sunny and fast race at the World Cup in Tabor, Czech Republic on Saturday 16th November.

In the Junior Men’s race Thibau Nys retained his World Cup leaders jersey by taking another Win early on. It seems that Thiabu is discovering all the features of Grifo tires, fast and grippy, ideal for the European grassy field.

Here the Grifo range, the right choise for every rider level:

  • Vulcanized clincher 120 TPI
  • Vulcanized TLR 120 TPI
  • Handmade PRO clincher 300 TPI - Tan
  • Handmade PRO tubular 300 TPI - Tan
  • Handmade Team Edition S3 320 TPI - White
  • Handmade Ultra Silk +1000 TPI - Cream

Anna Kay rode Grifo’s, so did Thibau. Anna retained her U23 Women’s leaders jersey by taking 7th in the Elite Women’s race. Eva Lechner came in 11th and Maghalie Rochette was 16th. Tom Pidcock was 14th in the Men’s Elite and Cameron Mason had a strong ride coming 7th in the U23 Men’s race which was his best World Cup result to date.

Dune or Koksijde? (#)

Koksijde was the race of the weekend on 24th November, also on the 23rd November was Ambiancecross in Wachtebeke with Tom Pidcock placing 4th Elite in the Mens race. Felipe Orts had a strong ride to place 8th Men’s Elite. Ellen Van Loy was 5th in a hard race. With Marion Norbert Riberolle finish just behind in 6th place.

Koksijde was as exciting as ever. New Challenge tread, the “Koksijde”, was the perfect choice for our supported riders. Central part with square pyramides let the tires do not sink into the sand and the 2 longitudinal stripes help to keep clean side part and be able to slide up to the sand. TPI 320 and cotton handmade casing did make the Koksijde the best tires for the sand. Dune or Koksijde? Both tires were used by the riders, Dune, perfect also in icy and snowy terrain, let rider feel more grip on the slide slope.

Thibau Nys kept hold of his leaders jersey taking the win in the Junior race making it 3/3 wins so far in the World Cup this season. Jente Michels finishing in a fast 5th place. A tough Female race meant Inge van der Heijden 4th, Eva Lechner was 9th, with Katie Compton 11th. Anna Kay held on to her lead in the U23 race and retained the leaders jersey.

Over in the UK it was Round 5 of the National Trophy series at Pembrey, a technical course led Gosse Van Der Meer to silver, earning 2nd place after a hard battle.

Evie Richards is getting back in action and won the West Midlands Cyclocross League