Weekend recap – ‘CROSS is here! (#)

Another important weekend for Challenge Tires in the Cyclocross scene. From European Championships to the Pan Americans, these are the results of athletes riding on Challenge:

European Championships Cyclocross Namur 2022 (#)

Men Elite

6th Orts Lloret Felipe

10th Rüegg Timon

Women Elite

5th Casasola Sara

7th Ferrand-Prevot Pauline

10th Anna kay

Men U23

2nd NYS Thibau

7th Michels Jente

8th LelandaisRémi

12th Dockx Aaron (First year in this category)

Man Junior

3rd Nielsen Daniel

4th Vas Barnabás

Women Junior

2nd Corvi Valentina

3rd Van Sinaey Xaydee

4th Ferguson Cat

10th De Schoesitter Shanyl

Pan-American Championships Cyclocross Falmouth 2022 (#)

Men Elite

2nd White Curtis

3rd Haidet Lance

Women Elite

1st Nuss Raylyn

2nd Mcgill Sidney

Men U23

1st Spranger Jack

2nd Strohmeyer Andrew

3rd Mock Daxton

Women U23

1st Gunsalus Lizzy

2nd Zoerner Lauren

3rd Hickey Cassidy

Men Junior

3rd Ackert Ian